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Discover the WOTOFO PROFILE 1.5 RDA profile, which enhances the original RDA profile design with improved functionality to create a more satisfying squonking experience. Featuring a 1.4 times larger build deck than the original size, the Profile 1.5 now has a center ceramic spring support with grooves to allow the cotton to stay in place and guide the liquid over the full length of the cotton. Its adjustable air intake configuration has also been completely revised.
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Recurve Dual RDA WOTOFO is a regenerable RDA atomizer for electronic cigarettes made and sold by Wotofo. This atomizer is constructed of extraordinary quality 316 stainless steel. The model is equipped with a specially designed deck without turrets to simplify the assembly of the dual coil. The air flow is adjustable and is powered by six air intakes placed on both sides to give us taste and flavor. It is sold equipped and in six different colors, all original.
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WOTOFO NEXMESH are replacement resistors for regenerable atomizers. They are pre-cut mesh sheets with dimensions of 16mm by 6.8mm. To satisfy more vapers, 3 coil mesh options have been included: nexMESH CHILL, nexMESH TURBO and nexMESH EXTREME. & nbsp; NEXMESH CHILL A1 0.15ohm NEXMESH TURBO A1 0.13ohm NEXMESH EXTREME A1 0.16ohm
Profile Unity RTA Wotofo
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Profile Unity RTA Wotofo is the RTA version of the already known Profile RDA. Constructed from stainless steel it measures 48.5 x 25mm. Its tank holds 3.5ml but is expandable up to 5ml. The refill can be done from above by simply unscrewing the top cap. Adjustable air flow. Outstanding flavor.
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WOTOFO MESH KA1 0,18OHM Replacement Mesh resistors for regenerable atomizers. Profile Mesh measures 16mm by 6.8mm and is kanthal for a value of 0.18Ω with a recommendation for use at 40-60W and 15-20W for "dry burn". This jersey quickly reaches high temperatures and has a greater contact surface with excellent flavor restitution. It has a high resistance to deformation and offers superior durability over time, it is also easy to clean for a vape always at 100%.
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The Wotofo Elder Dragon has an RDA diameter of 22mm, is built with a pagoda top cap, the side vents are two and are angled on each side of the lid. Dragon RDA has a perfectly machined postless deck with four terminals capable of accepting mono-coil edits. and a BF function. The airflow system is adjustable by turning the top course. Dragon RDA has dimensions of 22 mm x 34.5 mm and releases incredible flavors thanks to its technical skills.