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La Tabaccheria E Pipe Organic 4 Pod Aroma 10 ml
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La Tabaccheria E-Pipe Organic 4 Pod Aroma 10ml. Concentrated aroma for electronic cigarettes. Dry Tobacco Taste ideal for Pipa nostalgics. Organic Aroma subjected to Selective Purification to be used with non-regenerable Atomizers and Pod Mod. Use only mixed with PG / VG. Recommended for MTL vaping (Cheek) 10% dilution. It does not require maturation times & nbsp;
€ 11.90
La Tabaccheria 4Sixty Shot Series Cigar Crème Cafè 20ml
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La Tabaccheria 4Sixty Shot Series Cigar Crème Cafè 20ml is a decomposed creamy aroma for electronic cigarettes with cigarillo flavor flavored with coffee, to be diluted with Vegetable Glycerin.
€ 14.90
-€ 2.00
La Tabaccheria Estratto di Tabacco Virginia 10ml aroma
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The Virginia? the tobacco pi? grown in the world, it belongs to the Flue Cured class (hot air cured). It dominates in almost all cigarette blends and in most of the pipe blends. Virginia tobacco extract? an excellent vape companion at any time of the day. Soft and Sweet Taste.
€ 5.90
€ 7.90