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About Us - Online Shop - Cigabyte - After years of experience and a lot of passion we are finally online for those who want to get closer to the world of vape.
About Us - Online Shop

Thanks to our site you can buy everything you need for your electronic cigarette. If you need help you can contact us from our site by email or if you prefer you can call us. We will be happy to help you in choosing the electronic cigarette that is closest to your needs.

The electronic cigarette is a valid tool against smoking. Let's see what its positive effects are. The most immediate is the one that is found already in the first weeks, with a notable improvement in respiratory capacity. The throat is much less inflamed and the annoying sensation of dryness, linked to the heat of the smoke and the presence of combustion products, disappears almost immediately.
The sense of oppression in the chest and irritation of the bronchi also quickly decreases, allowing you to breathe with newfound freedom.

We will be able to sustain more extensive efforts, thanks to the rapid recovery of available breath. The first consequence of "classic" smoking, in fact, is to break the breath, even in trained athletes.
After the first benefits, a decrease in the production of phlegm and sputum may also be found. We will also have a recovery of the sensitivity of taste and sense of smell, which are the ones that are most affected by the consequences of cigarette smoking.

Usually those who use electronic devices tend to smoke less and gradually learn to manage the quantities of puffs, as the conditioned reflex, linked to having to finish a whole cigarette, is lost. Many "vapers" in fact, limit themselves to a single puff every now and then, which over time also positively affects the maintenance cost.

On our site you will find all types of electronic cigarettes on the market, from the simplest and cheapest to the most sophisticated for the most demanding. We also have a wide selection of aromas of all types and tastes. If you make a minimum purchase of 50 euros, shipping will be free.

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