Flavourart Caffe Aroma Concentrato 10ml
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Flavourart Caffe Aroma Concentrato 10ml

Flavourart Caffe Concentrated Aroma Intense, invigorating, warm and enveloping. A unique aroma. Use only mixed with PG / VG.
We suggest using it at 2-3%
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Flavourart Caffe Aroma Concentrato
Flavourart Caffe Aroma Concentrato Intense, invigorating, warm and enveloping. A unique aroma. Use only mixed with PG / VG.

We suggest using it at 2-3%
Liquid composition with Base - Aroma - Nicotine
Buying and using ready-made liquids 10 ml to vape simplifies the life of the smoker of electronic cigarettes but it is also uneconomical and above all we are forced to choose only among the flavors offered by the brands. The cheek systems have a reduced consumption so if we consider that a 10ml lasts us on average two or three days, it means that it does not involve an important expense. The problem is if you have a lung pull. These atomizers are capable of vaporizing even 20 - 30 ml of liquid or more per day if we mount a particularly open resistance. Cheek or Lung the matter does not change if we decide whether to make liquids on our own.

By dedicating just a few more minutes to your vape you can create your own e-liquid at home. You can customize it however you want. For example, you can decide whether to do it more or less concentrated (Aroma), the precise degree of nicotine (optional) at which you want to vape and also the percentage of PG / VG you prefer to get the most out of your atomizer. Composing a liquid is very simple and takes no more than two or three steps. To make our masterpiece we need four things that we can easily find: Neutral Base - Nicotine (Optional) - Concentrated flavor - Graduated bottle. With the help of our "" it will be child's play.

Flavors for Electronic Cigarettes, Buy in our shop Flavors for Electronic Cigarettes. The best brands of flavorings for electronic cigarettes online. Cigabyte - Online sale of flavors. All the products for sale in this section come from a world famous company. They scrupulously comply with the highest and strictest safety standards to offer you a safe vaping experience. You can choose between Creamy Fruity and Tobacco fragrances to have the essence you prefer with you at any time of your day.

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